The Doctors Hauraki Corner

Exciting changes have taken place at 308 Lake Road. As part of our plans to continue providing care for you into the future, we have carried out a refresh of our medical centre. We are now known as The Doctors Hauraki Corner. Our larger centre, Fred Thomas Health, with whom we share a close relationship has also had a refresh, and will be known as The Doctors Fred Thomas. There will be no change in your day-to-day care. All staff will continue to provide the same great care they have to date, and we will remain open all our usual hours. You will see the same doctor or nurse as you do now.

Our general practitioners at The Doctors Hauraki Corner, along with a team of supporting professionals, deliver quality comprehensive general practice services to North Shore’s diverse population. In addition to the general practice services offered to families and individuals, we also offer a range of clinics for diabetes, asthma, weight management, and smoking cessation. Other services provided include medicals for health insurance, immigration, travel and diving certification.

Our Services

Family Medicine



The Doctors Fred Thomas nurses are all certified vaccinators.

The National Immunisation Schedule outlines the free vaccinations for babies, children, adolescents and adults. See the website National Immunisation Schedule for more details.

All infants have their 6 week, 3 and 5 month immunisations with the nurse and included is an additional health check with the doctor. 15 month and 4 year child immunisations are with the nurse only.

Flu Vaccinations


Women's Health


Health Checks
IUCD and Mirena insertion and removal 
Family Planning  


Men's Health


Annual health checks 
Screening for prostrate cancer


Youth Health

Healthy lifestyle choices'
Exam stress


Dont Assume You're Immune. If your teen is about to leave school, now is a good time to check they are up to date with their immunisations before they move onto work, further education or travel. Visit the website for more information

Long Term Conditions Care and Support

Diabetes management and checks
Insulin starts
All respiratory conditions and COPD
All heart failure care
Care Plus - a lifestyle plan that includes 4 regular follow-ups





Drivers licence medicals
Insurance medicals 
Pre-employment medicals


Minor Surgery

Many conditions do not need to be referred to a specialist or hospital. The Doctors Fred Thomas GPs offer fast and competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions, lumps and bumps. Other services include removal of benign moles and skin tags and ingrown toenail surgery. If your insurance company is Southern Cross then we use the "Easy-Claim" process and the insurance company is directly billed.

Vasectomies - download our brochure we are an affiliated provider with Southern Cross for vasectomies
Circumcision - download our brochure  
Liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)



Sexual Health and STIs

Confidential consultations

Travel Vaccines & Documents



Satellite clinic to The Doctors Fred Thomas
Open 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday

If you, a family member or a friend are feeling unwell, and you need to speak to a doctor or nurse before we re-open, please contact or visit Shorecare Accident and Medical Clinic on phone 486 777 at Sovereign House, 74 Taharoto Road, Smales Farm, Takapuna.

Our Doctors

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Dr Colin Bennett

MB ChB (Otago); FRNZCGP; Minor Surgery

Dr Bennett is a Fellow with the Royal NZ College of GPs and has been working in the Auckland area for more than 30 years. He has worked as a Police Medical Officer for 17 years, and has worked in Accident and Medical Clinics for 28 years. His wife is also a GP and he worked with her for many years in their Manurewa practice. Dr Bennett works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at The Doctors Hauraki Corner. Phone 972 9020 for an appointment.

Dr Arthur Young

MB ChB (Otago); Dip Obst (Auckland); FRNZCGP


Dr Arthur Young’s special interests are family medicine and minor surgery. Dr Young has been in practice on the Shore for over 30 years and is a Fellow with the Royal NZ College of GPs. You can book appointments with him at both Fred Thomas and Hauraki Corner. 
On his days off he enjoys his golf, family, his granddaughters and wine tasting.

Enrol Now

We warmly welcome new patients. To enrol with us you can come and talk to us at reception, or download our enrolment form below. Please fill in all the sections and send back to us by email, post, fax or bring it in with you.  

We may need you to bring in an original ID document (such as Drivers License, Birth Certificate or Passport) before your first visit. Please call our team to find out, or if you have any other questions about enrolling with us.

If you are a visitor to the region and need medical care, you are also welcome. Please call our friendly team for an appointment.  All visitors and casual patients, please be aware that extra charges can apply when you are not enrolled.

If you would like to know more about what it means to enrol and what the benefits are click here for Enrolment information.

Download our enrolment form here.

Latest News

Dr John Russell trials retirement

This Christmas, I am leaving general practice on the North Shore for at least six months.  This is the first full summer I will have to enjoy, without work, since the age of 15.  At the end of six months, I will decide if I enjoy retirement, or if I would like to do some locum work.

The North Shore is where I was born and grew up.  I am the fourth generation of our family to live on the North Shore.  I attended Browns Bay Primary, Murrays Bay Intermediate and Westlake Boys High before going to the US for a year, and returning to attend the Universities of Auckland and Otago. Next year it will be 50 years since I started at Otago Medical School.

I have been a general practitioner on the North Shore for 42 years.  During that I have delivered more than 2000 babies and performed more than 6500 vasectomies.  My practice has changed from young families and mostly women, to older people and more men. 

Over the years, there were wonderful times and sad times.  You have let me into your lives and health needs.  It has been an absolute privilege to be involved.

We have a team of really good staff at The Doctors Fred Thomas who are ready to continue to care for your health needs.  Dr Lia uit de Bosch is taking over the care of my patients.  We also have two other young doctors, Dr Miriam Jobson and Dr Adam Perley, and of course the more senior staff who are also available to help.

I will miss you all but the time has come for me to move on with my life.  To spend more time with my wife Anne and our family, including four grandsons.  I have many interests and aspirations to accomplish outside medicine. Time is short to complete these.

Thank you once again for being part of my life and our medical practice throughout the past 42 years.

Regards, John R

Dr John M. W. Russell

New Practice Nurse - Iris Shi

The best practice techniques adopted at The Doctors Fred Thomas motivates an aspirational member of the clinical team to excel in her role.

Practice nurse, Iris Shi joined The Doctors in June 2018 and she says the consistent use of proven clinical techniques ensures all patients receive high standards of care, all the time.

“The nursing team works with highly qualified and experienced doctors, and we are all supported to do what we are best at,” says Iris.

Her role includes immunising patients for general population health as well as administering vaccines to people travelling to international destinations where there are health risks.

Iris and the charge nurse carryout smear tests for cervical health, which takes the pressure off busy doctors and it is slightly cheaper to see a nurse for this routine procedure.

The nursing team can also change dressings and use liquid nitrogen to treat small skin lesions and growths, such as warts.

In fact, Iris’s day can include anything from ear syringing to remove wax, to carrying out electrocardiography (ECG) to monitor the electrical activity of a patient’s heart.

“A great day is when I see a patient for one routine procedure, such as a smear test.

“They are generally healthy and we may seldom see them, so this is an opportunity to check other health indicators, including blood pressure, stress levels and weight.”

It is like a mini check-up and if a health concern arises, Iris refers patients to their doctor and their improved well-being is a positive outcome that she feels good about initiating.

Iris developed her varied professional skillset throughout four years of practice nurse experience at a Remuera medical centre and prior to that, she was a nurse at a rest home hospital.

She studied nursing at The University of Auckland and has undertaken professional development throughout her career.

Recently Iris got married and the couple bought their first home, located on the North Shore.

Her free time is spent renovating and enjoying simple activities, like watching movies or walking so they can save money for further décor improvements.

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