The Doctors Bayfair

At The Doctors Bayfair we warmly welcome new patient enrolments, as well as visitors to our region. We deliver general practice care and are very pleased to provide the Bayfair community with an after hours and weekend service. Open Monday to Friday   8am - 6pm; Saturday, Sunday   8am - 2pm; Public holidays   8am - 2pm.

Registered provider for Immigration New Zealand

The Doctors Bayfair is approved by Immigration New Zealand to complete medicals for New Zealand visa applications. We are an eMedical enabled clinic. 

The cost of the appointment is $300. All appointments require prepayment, once prepayment has been received we can make you an appointment on a Tuesday or a Friday of each week. If you would like to prepay over the phone or internet banking please email reception on and we will send you all the relevant details we require to book your appointment. Please note: The $300 charge does not include the Chest X ray or Blood tests. 

Walk-in acute care

Our acute clinic is currently open 8am – 6pm weekdays and 8am – 2pm weekends and public holidays. For your regular, continuing healthcare, please book an appointment with your usual GP during weekdays 8.00am to 5.00pm. This clinic provides medical services to enrolled patients who need minor urgent care, has had an accident or requires medical attention outside of normal opening hours. It operates on a 'no appointment necessary' basis with seriously ill patients receiving priority treatment. In the case of an emergency, always call 111. 

X-ray services are available close by and many fractures can be plastered on-site. 
Please note: we are not able to complete Work and Income forms, Immigration Medicals, Driver's License Medicals or Insurance Medicals in the walk-in accident and medical clinic. These consultations are best completed with your regular general practitioner. Please ask our reception team to book an appointment for you through our general practitioner clinics.

Our services

Healthy heart checks

Our nurses are trained in performing well person's heart checks. You will be asked to have a blood test before the check up to measure your sugar and cholesterol levels. Dietary and lifestyle advice is available.It is recommended that heart checks be completed for:

  • All men between 45 and 65 years of age
  • All women between 55 and 65 years of age

These age limits are reduced for men older than 35  and women older than 45 if you are:

  • Maori/Pacific/Indian, or
  • Have a family history of blood vessel disease (eg parents or siblings with diabetes, heart disease or stroke), or
  • Have personal risk factors eg hypertension, high cholesterol, current or recent smoker, history of diabetes in pregnancy
  • A person with polycystic ovary syndrome, impaired sugar blood tests, or overweight (BMI>=30)

Hearing tests (audiometry)

Hearing tests can be completed at Bayfair Doctors. When your hearing is tested it is charted on what we call an audiogram. Your audiogram is a record of the softest sounds you heard during your hearing test, in each ear.

It is common for employers to request hearing tests as part of pre-employment medicals for potential new employees.

Spirometry (lung function tests)

Spirometry testing also known as lung function screening is a test that can help diagnose various lung conditions, most commonly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Spirometry is also used to monitor the severity of some other lung conditions, and their response to treatment. Spirometry measures the amount (volume) and/or speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled.

Spirometry is often requested by employers as part of pre-employment medicals, particularly if the employee will be working in a dusty environment. 

Our trained nurses are able to complete spirometer testing at our Bayfair Doctors branch.

Only available at Bayfair Doctors.

Cervical screening

Qualified nurse smear takers are able to offer cervical smears under the cervical screening programme guidelines. Nurse-led cervical smear clinics are available at either practice during the day, Monday to Friday. 

Regular cervical smear tests are recommended for women from the age of 20 years until they turn 70 years if they have ever been sexually active. Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable of all cancers. A women’s best protection against developing cervical cancer is having regular cervical smear tests.

For more information on Women's health, check out this website:

Electrocardiographs (ECG)

An ECG is a recording of your heart's electrical activity. Electrode patches are attached to your skin to measure the electrical impulses given off by your heart. The result is a trace that can be read by a doctor. It can give information of previous heart attacks or problems with the heart rhythm.

ECG’s are available at Bayfair and Papamoa Doctors at the request of your GP.

Diabetes management advice

Qualified specialist diabetes nurses are available to provide advice and assistance to our diabetes patients.
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you will receive advice, monitoring and education. Early treatment is available to help prevent worsening of the disease or associated complications.

Our doctors and diabetes nurse encourage all diabetes patients to complete an annual diabetes check up with the diabetes nurse. This check-up involves assessment of diabetes control and ensures regular retinal screening and diabetic foot screening. 
Some diabetes patients are eligible for our diabetes case management programme. Please ask your doctor or diabetes nurse if this is available to you.

Baymed supports and refers diabetes patients to the local Wellness diabetes self-management programme.
For further information on diabetes, check out

Skin checks and surgery

Dr Martijn Haitsma is a GP with Special Interest (GPSI) in skin cancer. He has an extensive background in skin surgery and is able to perform publicly funded and private surgeries up to an advanced level. Dr Haitsma is a member of the Skin Cancer College Australasia and is accredited with the local PHO for funded skin surgery up to Advanced Level.

Regular skin clinics are run at a very reasonable rate and are available to enrolled and non-enrolled patients at our Papamoa clinic. Biopsies are available on site when needed as well as cryotherapy and diathermy when appropriate.

Don’t let skin cancer bite you: come in for a thorough check. Read more

Specialty nurse led clinics

The nurses working in our nurse-led clinics provide expert nursing care to people experiencing a range of health issues, working collaboratively with your doctor and other health team members where indicated.

There is increasing evidence demonstrating improved health outcomes, cost effectiveness, and quality of life for people attending nurse-led clinics.

Some of our nurses have gained specialty knowledge and qualifications and extended their role to enable caring for people with long-term health conditions.

Workplace flu vaccination

Business is more effective when all staff members are healthy, and there's less absenteeism. Our doctors and nurses encourage all workers to protect themselves from influenza with vaccination. Our certified nurse vaccinators can provide immunisation for your employees. Contact us for more information. 



Open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 8am - 2pm.  If you require medical attention outside these hours please phone 07 572 6800 and follow the after hours instructions. Outside these hours go to Accident & Healthcare, 19 Second Ave, Tauranga, 3110, open till 9pm, ph 577 0010. 

Please note our prices differ depending on if you are an enrolled patient or not. Only enrolled patients can book appointments. Please see our fees below. 


13 - 17 $32 $32 $28
18 - 44 $44 $44 $38
45 - 64 $45 $45 $38
65+ $43 $43 $38

$5 surcharge weekend and public holidays for both enrolled and casual rates

Prices effective July 2018
Prescription request $22. Same day prescription request $25.
Please note that materials and additional procedures will incur extra charges


0-12 $10 $10 FREE
13-17 $42 $42 $28
18-44 $75 $65 $38
45-64 $75 $65 $38
65+ $75 $65 $38

$5 surcharge weekend and public holidays for both enrolled and casual rates.

Prices effective July 2018
Please note that materials and additional procedures will incur extra charges

Our Doctors

Our health care team of doctors, practice and specialist nurses, receptionists and administrators are here to help you stay healthy and well.

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Dr. Dave Higgie

David recently moved over from the UK to join our team.

He completed medical school in Birmingham then went on to complete his house officer years and GP training in Bristol. 

He also spent a year living on the east coast of Australia working in a busy Emergency department. He has worked across a range of special areas.

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Registered Nurse Julie Cowley


Julie is a New Zealand trained local registered nurse (RN) with many years of primary care nursing in our community and a longstanding member of the practice team.  She has developed a very broad range of primary care nursing skills. Julie enjoys learning and has continued her nursing studies and completed a Master of Nursing and more recently gained the authority to prescribe medicines for patients attending the nurse clinics.

The new RN designated prescriber role allows nurses who work in collaboration with GP’s and have successfully completed advanced education and certification to prescribe medicines from a specified list. The RN can assess, diagnose and treat common conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, skin infections, sexual health etc.

Julie is passionate about supporting people to gain confidence in management of their long-term conditions. She has completed advanced education in diabetes and associated health problems, and is able to provide specialised diabetes care to our growing population of people with diabetes.  Being able to prescribe medicines has made a difference for patients attending the nurse clinic and frees up the GP’s time to see more complicated patients.  

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Dr Marja Pankras

Acute Doctor


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Dr Justin Tweeddale

Dr Justin Tweedale grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where he completed his medical degree at the University of Cape Town before moving to the UK with his wife and children. He qualified as a GP in the UK and worked for seventeen years in general practice in Winchester. Justin returned to work as a GP partner in private practice in East London, South Africa, for three years, before coming to the Bay of Plenty. Justin's areas of special interest in medicine are diabetes, paediatrics, and functional medicine. He is thriving on the Kiwi lifestyle and living in beautiful Tauranga.

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Dr Steve Taylor

MRCGP, MBBS, Dip Dermatology

Steve trained in the UK and worked for over 20 years as a partner in a busy general practice. He has an interest in ophthalmology, respiratory medicine and dermatology.

He enjoys doing outside activities and is embracing the kiwi lifestyle.

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Dr Gwenda Naepi

Gwenda is the acute doctor at Bayfair.
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Dr Sophia Schuellenbach


Sophia was born in Germany and studied medicine at Free University in Berlin, Germany, where she completed her studies in 1993. After spending several years in general and medical medicine, general and thoracic surgery, she completed her PhD in heart surgery for the octogenerians. Then, she spent several years in working as a Locum Practitioner throughout the UK and in London. Returning to Germany, she practiced as a family GP in her own surgery until December 2013. Sophia is a family doctor whole-hearted and she has a special interest in geriatrics, ultrasound and adjuvant cancer therapy and is also fully trained in trigger acupuncture and naturopathy. Outside of work, Sophia, her husband and their two children are interested in cycling, hiking and are keen on exploring their beautiful new homeland.

Dr Martijn Haitsma


Martijn comes from the Netherlands where he completed his medical studies in 1991. He later acquired a post-graduate Diploma in Tropical Health, surgery, gynaecology / obstetrics and tropical medicine. He worked in Africa (Malawi and Tanzania) for five years together with his wife, Dr Marja Pankras.

In the UK he obtained his post-graduate degree in general practice (2002) after which he worked as a GP in the UK, New Zealand and the Netherlands. It was his love for New Zealand which brought him back to Bayfair Doctors.

His interests are children's health, care of the elderly, sexual health, contraception and healthy living; the pragmatic approach, with emphasis on the do's and not the don'ts. He has a special interest in skin cancer and performs skin checks for which there are dedicated clinics.

Enrol now

We warmly welcome new patients.  Being enrolled has many advantages:

•    We send you reminders and recalls for important health management
•    Pay less to see the doctor
•    Pay less for prescriptions (for subsidised medicines prescribed by your doctor)
•    Appointment bookings

Simply ask at reception or download our enrolment form below. Complete all the sections and send back to us by email, post, fax or bring it in with you.  You may need to bring in an original ID document (e.g. Drivers’ License, Birth Certificate, Passport) before your first visit - call our team to find out.

You do not need to be a patient with us to be seen by one of our medical team.If you’re a visitor to the region and need medical care, you’re also welcome. Please call our friendly team for an appointment.  All visitors and casual patients, please be aware that extra charges can apply when you are not enrolled.

There are many more benefits to enrolling, click here for Enrolment information.

Latest News

When we have news to share with you it will be posted here.  Keep checking in to see what we are up to. 

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