The Doctors Onehunga

The Doctors Onehunga have been providing patient care since 1990, offering family general practice as well as accident and Urgent Care. We're open seven days a week, and all services are available without appointment, although patients can make an appointment to see a doctor of their choice. The Doctors Onehunga - accident and medical is an ACC-endorsed Urgent Care Clinic, and we are proud to be RNZCGP 'Cornerstone' quality accredited.

Booking Online


Our on-line booking service for enrolled* patients. You can book an appointment for yourself or a family member with one of our GPs. It's free and easy to sign up, all you need is an email address and mobile phone.  * If you are not an enrolled patient, please phone 09 634 5184 to make a booking.

Before you click on the link top right, please consider the following:

  • Appointments are 15 minutes long. If you require a Medical, Minor Surgery or a longer appointment please phone 09 634 5184 to make your booking.
  • Complete the optional facility of informing us for the reason for your visit - this helps us to ensure you get the right help you need.
  • If you are making a booking for a family member please ensure that they are registered with us.
  • Do not use this service to book child immunisations - instead phone us on 09 634 5184 to arrange an appointment with the nurse.
  • 11 year old immunisations, Travel immunisations, Cervical Smears are Nurse Clinic appointments and cannot be booked using the online service.

Cancelling Appointments

If you no longer require your booking please ensure that you cancel at least 2 hours prior to the appointment.

Repeat Prescriptions

You can use this service to order your repeat prescription (prior approval from your GP and have been seen within the last six months.  Prescriptions will take 24 hours to process.

Test Results

Enrolled patients can register to access their test results.  Have a chat to your GP when next in the clinic.  We must hold the required Ministry of Health eligibility documents e.g. passport, birth certificate, etc.

Languages we speak

Here at the The Doctors Onehunga our staff speak a number of different languages including: 

  • Cantonese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Mandarin
  • Punjabi
  • Burmese
  • Tongan

Our Services

  • general practice
  • urgent care accident treatment and management
  • on-site x-ray, pharmacy, physiotherapy and laboratory
  • immigration medicals
  • chronic care management
  • urgent care management
  • skin cancer clinic with surgery available
  • well-women's clinic with nurse
  • midwives
  • hearing clinic
  • occupational medicine services 
  • including pre-employment medicals, accident and medical care, alternative duty assessments and employee drug screening.

Childhood immunisation

Having your children immunised will help protect them from certain infectious diseases throughout their lives. 
It is free to have your children immunised. All immigrant and non-resident children are also eligible for free immunisations and free Well Child Tamariki Ora services, regardless of their immigration and citizenship status. 

 The World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health recommend that you immunise your children. The immunisations begin when your child is six weeks old. A list of immunisations is available on the Ministry of Health website. To be fully protected, children need to have all the immunisations in the series.

Cervical Smear

Are you up to date with your cervical smears?

Cervical smear clinics are held two days during the week and sometimes on a Saturday. All of our nursing staff are trained and certified.
Phone us now on 09 634 5184  to book your smear.


Open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm everyday including weekends & public holidays. No appointment needed. We warmly welcome new patients.

Patient charges

GP Appointments


 Age 8am - 6pm weekdays Evenings, weekends, holidays
0 - 12 FREE FREE
13 - 17 $12.50 $20
18+ $18.50 $45


 Age 8am - 6pm weekdays Evenings, weekends, holidays
0 - 12 $15 $25
13 - 17 $25 $30
18+ $60 $65

Non Resident

Age 8am - 6pm weekdays Evenings, weekends, holidays
0 - 12 $95 $98
13 - 17 $95 $98
18+ $95 $98

ACC Consultations


Age 8am - 6pm weekdays Evenings, weekends, holidays
0 - 12 FREE FREE
13 - 17 $12.50 $20
18+ $18.50 $20


Age 8am - 5pm weekdays Evenings, weekends, holidays
0 - 12 FREE FREE
13 - 17 $25 $30
18+ $30 $35

Non Resident

Age 8am - 5pm weekdays Evenings, weekends, holidays
0 - 12 $35 $50
13 - 17 $50 $50
18+ $50 $50

Our Doctors

Our doctors and practice nurses are available at the medical centre seven days a week. To see your regular GP we strongly recommend you make an appointment to see them Monday to Friday.  Meet our GP team: 

  • Dr Len Brake 
  • Dr Rajinder Agnihotri
  • Dr Tim Cummack 
  • Dr Tin Htay 
  • Dr Phillip McArthur
  • Dr Warrick White 
  • Dr Celia Xiao
  • Dr David Oxner
  • Dr Bujar Ukmata
  • Dr Sally Milne
  • Dr Joanna Strom
  • Dr Joanne Gow

Enrol Now

We warmly welcome new patients.  Being enrolled has many advantages:

•    We send you reminders and recalls for important health management
•    Pay less to see the doctor
•    Pay less for prescriptions (for subsidised medicines prescribed by your doctor)
•    Appointment bookings

Simply ask at reception or download our enrolment form below. Complete all the sections and send back to us by email, post, fax or bring it in with you.  You may need to bring in an original ID document (e.g. Drivers’ License, Birth Certificate, Passport) before your first visit - call our team to find out.

You do not need to be a patient with us to be seen by one of our medical team.If you’re a visitor to the region and need medical care, you’re also welcome. Please call our friendly team for an appointment.  All visitors and casual patients, please be aware that extra charges can apply when you are not enrolled.

There are many more benefits to enrolling, click here for Enrolment information.

Download our enrolment form here.

Latest News

March 2018

Patient portal for bookings and repeat prescriptions is now available for our registered patients, ask at reception.

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